Andal is My School Friend, A poem by Devathachchan


Andal my school friend
listens to my arguments
about Gods and Ghosts
as if accepting my arguments
Her skin glows
Next day
just like that
She would have written
a poem in response.

All around
the basketball court
I will fling
my rage.

Her hands
carrying my school bag
Her eyes
running around fervently like a pumpkin creeper
listening to the cawings of
King Crows
Her fingers
draw on my record notebook
wander around
Like a small red ant
in the five cornered yellow flower.

Like a cuckoo in winter
I hibernate
in the library’s desolation
Having bought
germ killers
I walk along the main street
in which
rolling in rain water
a pig
vegetable bag in hand
picking a way
Andal turns
from one or two grey wisps of her hair
come floating
four five


(Translated by Nakul Vāc)

From Padhaakai, December 14, 2014

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