Devadevan’s Two Poems



Finished your painting?
then proceed to clean the brush

Without damaging the bristles
Wash it
caressing it very gently

Unwashed colours
Spoil the Brush

That brush of yours
Washed spotless
Keep it in a Jar.

Without spoiling its fierce edge – Like this


How would I refer him as Someone?

The Drunkard who lies
Unconscious against the Garbage bin

The One asleep
Without a home or country or safety
Lying on a dusty platform
Along a locked shopfront

The Woman who runs to the
Government Hospital in the middle of the night
With an Infant in her arm.

The deranged guy who
lies down with arms to his head and legs folded
Without any clothes, staring at the sky

The busy one
Who rushes in his vehicle not noticing
Any of this

The Lone prisoner
In handcuffs
by the  Guns and Uniforms


Poet Devadevan’s Website:

(Translated by Karthik)

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